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Avon believes in beauty

An image of high shine lip-gloss from Avon
 A buzz of young women and students stood around the Kraal at NMMU, ready to be pampered by one of the leading companies in beauty products and accessories. Avon, which is celebrating 125 years, had its promotion today, marking the second last day of Women’s Month and the beginning of spring in just less than two days. Many women tried on samples of new products which have been on special prices for the past three months. 

Regional / Zone Manger Gail Smith explains to a
customer about Avon products

“The main aim of the promotion is not only to celebrate 125 years, but to empower young women to be entrepreneurs, be their own boss and earn living through selling our products,” said Gail Smith, Regional / Zone Manager of Avon in the Eastern Cape. Many women were eager to sign up so that they can start earning extra money from selling Avon products and this is a great achievement for the company as they aim to inspire women. The products are unisex so a girl shouldn’t be shy to by her man some new perfume.
A variety of products to choose
from, both male and female.
Another way of celebrating their birthday, Avon has started a campaign to give back to the community of South Africa as a whole. “There are certain products that one can buy and the proceeds go to different charity organizations”, said Paulina Prince, Sales Leader for Avon. The main charity that they support is iThemba Crusade of Hope, which helps women with breast cancer. Other proceeds will be used towards helping to end violence against women.
Avon is also celebrating the beauty in every woman as it is an international company that strives for women empowerment. “As our slogan says, we believe that beauty isn’t reserved for the lucky few, it belongs to every woman who wants it”, said Smith. There are many successful women that we look up to who support Avon products. They are Salma Hayek, award-winning International actress, director and producer, Gerry Elsdon, Avon’s local celebrity spokesperson and iThemba ambassador, Reese Witherspoon who is Avon’s global celebrity spokesperson and honary chairman of the Avon Foundation and Fergie, singer and group member of the Black Eyed Peas who has just launched her new perfume, ‘Outspoken, Intense by Fergie’.
Paulina Prince, Sales Leader recruiting as many
customers as she can to join Avon.
Avon further believes that it’s a woman’s right to be pampered and that there is no such thing as a bad hair day. Every woman is given an opportunity to rise through Avon and start running their own business because there are 125 beautiful reasons to believe in Avon.

Nomfundo Nondzube

A view from Caprice
A beautiful view of Caprice in the evening.

Nelson Mandela Bay is filled with lots of entertainment and places where one can enjoy themselves. One of them is Caprice, situated at the heart of the Bay in Humewood, with a beautiful view of the Pacific Ocean. This restaurant specializes in cocktails, offering a variety of beverages, wide selection of wines and good food. “We offer the best comfort food where everyone can eat freely and also sip on the best wines,” said Diedrick van der Ryts, main manager of Caprice.
Looking on to the Indian Ocean
from Caprice.
Since the grand opening, the place has captured the hearts of many socialites, businessmen and women of the bay. It has also entertained local, national and international people who visit Port Elizabeth, hosting events such as the Hennessy Artistry. This event took place during the rugby clash between South Africa and New Zealand, where both teams were treated to breakfast at Caprice. Many DJ’s have played in the beautifully decorated restaurant such as Crazy White Boy, Roland Clark, Goldfish, Christos and Vinny de Vinci from Metro fm.
“The main focus of Caprice is that we celebrate the location, the exquisite scene, the good music, food and people who come here,” said van der Ryts. This is an emphasis of their logo which is, ‘The rarest location on the South African Coastline for food, people, music.’ So far Caprice has won an award at the Bay Style Awards for the most stylish chilled spot and it is considered to be one of the most popular scenes in the Metro. It is a family restaurant by day and a restro-bar by night with an age restriction of 23 years and up. “Everyone is welcome to Caprice because we are a cosmopolitan restaurant,” said van der Ryts.

Nomfundo Nondzube