Juju’s Support Puts S.A In Negative Light.

A day after thousands of Julius Malema supporters trashed Johannesburg's city centre in protest against himappearing before a disciplinary committee, economists and international media warned that these violent actions might have implications regarding the country's image.
The President of ANC’s Youth League caused quite a stir and many businesses were forced to close because of the behaviour of the youth. The actions included the burning of ANC flags and T-shirts containing President Jacob Zuma's image.The incidents were televised live on international networks and also reported in leading international newspapers.
Johannesburg Chamber of Commerce and Industry CEO Keith Brebnor estimated the financial losses for Johannesburg  wasat between R30-million and R50-million on Tuesday. He warned that the real monetary loss was "minimal compared to the real damage - image damage". 
The image of South Africa will be negatively affected in the same way the riots in London had a negative image for them. An indication of instability will be established and this will dampen investor confidence. Also, because South Africa is a developing country and continually watched; it reinforces the bad stigma that is usually associated with this country.
All the effort that was put in making the 2010 world cup a success in a sense was all for nothing because the perceptions that had been made by that event is now lost.
The way Malema encouraged the people into violent behaviour by declaring that they should “not be afraid”. The image that was delivered by this man emphasizes the disrespect for the current ruling party. It clearly pointed out that the African National Congress has no control over the situation. 

By: Octayvia Nance
Posted: 1 September 2011