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Woman held hostage in Lorraine

A woman in an Evergreen Manor townhouse woke to find four men standing above her, who then tied her up and started to loot her home for anything they deemed valuable. The 37 year old woman was gagged and left there to watch the armed men rummage through her possessions in the hopes of finding anything that looked costly.
It appeared as if the men gained access into the house by means of a sliding door leading into the house. Warrant Officer Alwin Labans added that “the men threatened to shoot the woman if she made any attempt of escaping.” This is one of several break-ins in the Lorraine area in the past few weeks.
Two arrests have been made after the woman managed to untie herself once the men had fled with her Toyota Hilux bakkie. The Hilux was spotted in Walmer location where two of the four men were caught following a car chase. The other two men fled once the car stopped, disappearing into nearby houses.
The two men were arrested for armed robbery and await trial at the Port Elizabeth Magistrates Court. Further arrests have yet to be made regarding the other accomplices.

Nomazima Nkosi